Each egg will be filled with candy, stickers, ect. Goodies. Once your basket is full the hunt is over reassuring that everyone gets a chance to fill their baskets. Gathered eggs are yours, we will have a bucket available for those that would like to recycle their eggs back to the farm but it is not mandatory. 


    Each Hunt will have three different age groups

 :Babies - 1 year old (not walking) , a soft bottom blow up         pool filled with Easter grass and plastic eggs

 : 2 years old - 5 years old, will have a section of the farm  all to their self with as many plastic eggs as their baskets                                         can hold! 

 : 6 years old - 10 years old, will also have their own spot                        on the farm to fill up on eggs!


Cukabury Farms

2022 Easter Egg Hunt

April 9th​        


PARENTS : We want you and your kids to have the best experience and a day filled with fun but we will not accept bullying, pushing or snatching from other kids if they do so they will be asked to exit the hunt. Thanks for understanding.


 Easter Egg Hunt at Cukabury Farms!

We will have two separate hunts at two different times. For those of you that are early birds our first hunt registration starts at 10:30 am (registration means paying & getting a wrist band) the hunt will begin at 11:00 am. For the ones that love Saturday morning sleeping in the second hunt registration will begin at 1:00 pm hunt at 1:30 pm.

Hunters admission is $6.00